>>> import this


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from biography import excerpt

def main():
"""I've been working with technology for 3/4 of my life, since my very first TI99/4A, and everything about computing has changed except for my hunger to learn it all. I currently sling Visio and Powerpoint as Technology Architect for a big American bank. Having been put out to stud, I recall my development days with rose-colored glasses, and savor every chance I get I bang out a couple dozen or a few thousand lines of code to solve an interesting problem."""

post(date(2013,06,03), title="Welcome", summary="First iteration")

from python import inspiration
"""The Python Programming Language was my first true development love, I didn't so much "learn" Python as recognize it as a means of personal expression."""

from Cloud9 import ide
"""Cloud9 IDE lets you collaboratively edit and debug code in your web browser; syntax highlighting, code completion, unix shell, and more."""

from Y Combinator import news
"""Hacker News is my favorite technology and startup echo chamber."""